What is The Omnivore?

Want to know what the critics made of the latest book, film or play? The Omnivore rounds up newspaper reviews, bringing you a cross section of intelligent opinion.

The internet has revolutionised arts criticism. From blogs to Amazon reviews to social networking sites, it’s never been easier to tell millions of people your opinion on what you’ve just read or watched.

We think this is great. In fact, we’re no strangers to online reviewing ourselves.

But with so many critics out there, it can be a challenge to identify those voices we trust. Which is why we believe professional criticism is still so important, and why we’re committed to making it accessible and relevant.

The Omnivore team scours newspapers, magazines and literary journals to bring you the opinions that matter, from people you’ve heard of.

Our comprehensive, rapidly expanding database of critical quotations and links to full reviews of books, films and plays makes it easier to decide what to read or watch next. And if you do find a book you like the sound of, there’s a convenient link to Amazon.

We currently have reviews for over 5,000 books, 500 films and 150 plays. With about 40 different books reviewed in the national press each week, the Omnivore is quickly growing into an invaluable cultural resource.

A word about star ratings and the “Omniscore”:

All review quotations are accompanied by the Omnivore’s own star ratings, which are designed to reflect the reviewers’ judgment on the book/film/play in question. These ratings, which range from 1 (hatchet job) to 5 (praised to high heaven) and are aggregated into the “Omniscore”, are our subjective interpretations of the reviewer’s opinion, except in the cases where the publication has its own five-star rating, when we take this.

The star rating/“Omniscore” system is meant to be a helpful guide to what the reviewer thought. It is only supposed to be very approximate and certainly not a substitute for reading the entire review, which we encourage you to do by clicking on the links below the quotations. We ask, therefore, that you take our ratings with a very large pinch of salt.

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