Joseph Strick's adaptation of James Joyce's novel. 3.8 out of 5 based on 4 reviews


Certificate 15
Genre Drama
Director Joseph Strick
Cast Milo O'Shea, Maurice Roëves Barbara Jefford
Studio Arrow Films
Release Date
Running Time 132 mins

Joseph Strick's adaptation of James Joyce's novel.

First released in 1967


The Times

Kevin Maher

Collating 265,000 words of the most dense and allusive prose in the English language, Strick has transformed James Joyce’s often impenetrable novel into 130 minutes of witty, dreamy and often surreal cinema.


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The Financial Times

Leo Robson

Strick reworks Joyce’s novel into a farce about sexual frustration and religious intolerance, while retaining an impressive amount of Joyce’s structure, dialogue and narration.


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The Guardian

Peter Bradshaw

In 1967, the American film-maker Joseph Strick took a bold and high-minded stab at the ultimate unfilmable book: Joyce's Ulysses. Inevitably, it's a disappointment, though watched again now for this rerelease, it doesn't seem as much of a disappointment as all that. Milo O'Shea gives a very decent performance as Leopold Bloom: he is dignified, vulnerable, sensitive and tragicomic. However, Maurice Roëves's Stephen Dedalus is flat and uninteresting...


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The Observer

Philip French

His censor-challenging feature films of Joyce's Ulysses and Miller's Tropic of Cancer were made like documentaries.


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