A drama centered on an immigrant single mother and her teenage son in small town Illinois. 3.3 out of 5 based on 7 reviews


Genre Foreign, Drama
Director Cherien Dabis
Cast Melkar Muallem, Alia Shawkat, Hiam Abbass Nisreen Faour
Studio Dogwoof Pictures
Release Date May 2011
Running Time 96 mins

A drama centered on an immigrant single mother and her teenage son in small town Illinois.

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The New York Times

Stephen Holden

Unlike other recent films about immigration, “Amreeka” maintains the buoyant mood of a serious sitcom.


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Rob Nelson

Enormously appealing turn by earthy Nisreen Faour in the lead role of Muna, a Palestinian single mother who brings her teenage son to rural Illinois in pursuit of a brighter future, more than makes up for the film's familiarities. The formulaic fish-out-of-water elements in Dabis' script actually suit her principled effort to make Muna easily identifiable.


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The Times

Kevin Maher

Sweet, and only occasionally saccarine


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Total Film

Simon Kinnear

It’s charming and laidback, preferring wry, compassionate humour to politicking.


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The Guardian

Steve Rose

The political issues are a little heavy handed but the story – partly drawn from the director's own experience – works best when it focuses on the personal.


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The Evening Standard

Derek Malcolm

More gentle than harsh


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The Independent

Ben Walsh

There's some rather clichéd melodrama, such as a scuffle with some bullies in the school hallway, a confrontation in a burger bar, a trip to the cop-shop, but in the main Amreeka is a restrained, and in parts lovely, drama with the central (rather bleak) message that "every place sucks", especially when you're a teenager and you're poor.


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